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This site is dedicated to owners of Watkins boats, both sail and power.   Our purpose is to provide technical and historical information about the boats and company to help owners enjoy and maintain their boats.  This site contains no advertizing and generates no revenue. 



We need to your help to locate more of the over 1,200 boats manufactured by Watkins Yacht and Marine.

Currently we have a little over 400 boats in the “Owners Log”.  You can look at the current log by clicking on the link in the lower left corner of this page.  Please submit your boat for addition to the list or tell us if any of the information has changed.    Email the information to jdmyers@watkinsowners.com



We are always looking for Watkins literature, factory photos, and history tidbits.  Your boat brochure, pricelist or photo may be unique or just better preserved than one we have available for download.  Please consider donating a copy to us.  If you have found a source for spare parts that we do not have listed please consider sharing that also.  Also we are collecting names of Dealers and their staff’s and factory employees.  We are looking for people “who were there” to help clarify, correct and expand our History section.


Boat of the Month:

Ryan Wollard submitted his very early production 1978 W27


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Past Boat of the Month Entries:

Eclipse a 1981 W27

Mahalo_II a 1979 W27

Woody II a 1984 W25

Sea Gypsy a W27 Pilothouse

Dream Date 1982 W27

Do U Wuna 1978 W27

Tovah 1978 W23

Scout 1988 W29

Sundew 1978 W27

Wu-Hsin a 1987 W25

Praying For Mariah

Better Days a 1985 W29

Yare; a 1983 W27

Crab Imperial; a 1978 W36 AC

Fog Dog a 1983 W27

Y KNOT  a 1986 W25 #68


Boats for Sale

W27-1982 for sale  Keyport NJ

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