O W N E R S  P A G E





Sailing Vessel:  Eclipse

Model:  W27 1981

hull #



Owners:  Tom & Dale Robinson



Home Port:  Moon, VA





Sailing Area:  Lower Chesapeake






How is boat used:  Cruising







Sailing trips, experiences:  Down the Potomac, Rappahannock and lower Chesapeake Bay






Boat Condition:  Fair





Upgrades by you or other owners:  We just bought her. Just beginning to bring her back to life after ten years tied up at the dock.  Ten year old fuel and completely full (and solidified holding tank) pumped out.  The former owner lived aboard with a tomcat that sprayed in every corner and on every cushion, all of which had to be thrown out.  It will be a while before all of the combined “stink” from the cat and the holding tank are eradicated. Whew.




Planned projects:   







Boat has since been renamed as “Eclipse”