O W N E R S  P A G E





Sailing Vessel:  Do U Wuna

Model:  W27

hull # 200



Owners:  Terry H.



Home Port: 

Norfolk, VA




Sailing Area: 

Chesapeake Bay





How is boat used: 

Vacations, weekends, daysails, and dock parties.


Sailing trips, experiences


We sailed the boat to every one of the Watkins annual rafts ups on the Chesapeake bay; Deltaville, Solomon’s Island, Hampton, Sarah Creek, Yankee Point, Tidewater Marina, and Yorktown.


Most recent claim to fame is making the cover of a national ham radio magazine.  July 2009 - The boat carried nearly a thousand pounds of radio gear (and many cases of beer) for the week expedition.  Two of us sailed the boat while the other six team members took the ferry. 




Upgrades by you or other owners:  

Two battery banks delivering 350 amphrs.  2000 watt continuous 4000 surge power inverter. 

Pressurized electric hot water.  Rebuilt ysm12 to replace the ysm8.   Oversized alternator, with spare.  Steel compression post. 

Autotiller with remote control. 

Gas BBQ on stern rail. 

Mainsail serviced by Sail Care.  Four different headsails, 165, 120, 90, and blade.

New depth sounder, and bulkhead compass in 09. 

Two electric bilge pumps. 

Two mast mounted winches. 

Four-speaker cd/mp3 stereo, with remote.

Rewired dc panel with digital volt and amp meters. 

SSB radio antenna and ground system

Newly rebuilt YSM 12 before installation.





Friends operating a ham radio while underway during a weekend contest in 2008.


We took 3rd place for the most contacts in the mobile class.





Passing storm cells chases us into port.


Nice evening at anchor in Willoughby bay.


When friends visit, we always find enough time to fit in a quick sail.


Do U Wuna at anchor on the ICW.  It was a great vacation.





During the last hauling, (2008) we re-glassed over the seam at the lower half of the keel; install new prop shaft, shaft coupler, and cutlass bearing.  In addition to the existing ground RF ground system, we added a gold plated ground bar seen here behind the strap.


“Up to date” shots of the interior.  The horizon bar on the bulkhead is a document holder; slip a sheet of paper or chart in it and it stays in clear view.


Microwave, oil lamp, and custom chart book holder/ flashlight/ binoculars rack.  


Quarter birth is now used as a sail locker along with storage for scuba dive tank, folding table and chairs, hammock, and extension board for making the salon settee into a double birth.




Coffee maker, toaster, liquor locker and fruit basket.  Pressurized alcohol stove below the stripped cutting board.


The icebox lid was totally reworked, along with replacing the insulation on all sides of the box.   It now has foil wrapped closed cell foam on all side to reduce convection and IR {heat} radiation.  It is no longer a built in ice-melting machine.


Head- with his and her toothbrush holder.


V-birth, with his and her hammocks for stuffing with clothes for the weekend.


The two hanging speakers can be relocated to the stern rail for music on deck.