This site is intended to be a permanent repository of information about Watkins Yachts.† It is not intended as a replacement for the users groups and message boards but as a supplement.† Two areas will be emphasized that the message boards are weak in: First, hard fact data such as history, model specifications, and locations of spare parts.† Second, how to articles that will help owners make needed repairs.† Third, as a repository for downloadable high-resolution copies of brochures, photos, and other information.


This website is free to use because someone (ME) is paying the bills.† This is not a free board and therefore you will find no advertising banners or annoying pop ups.


However nothing is free. In order to be a success, this website needs the support of itís users.† You can help by contributing your knowledge, photos, brochures and time to improve on the collective information that is displayed here.† You can send information that you find missing to the email address or postal mail found at the bottom of the home page.† Note:† This is not for your home photo albums!† People are welcome in the photos but it is about the boats.


Note:† Do not send low-resolution photos.† Send photos in 800x600 pixel minimum resolution.† If your photo is not worth a high resolution file, then it is not worth being displayed.† I will reduce to appropriate resolution as needed.† Scans of brochures or other full-page information needs to be at 300 dots per inch for black and white or 200 DPI for color/grayscale.† If it is too burdensome to upload the files† to my email then you can send a CD thought the Post Office mail system.† Again if itís not worth a $1.50 to you then why would we want to see it?


Information Wanted!


 Hi Resolution scans of brochures, All Models


 Production history is only what we have been able to peace together from rather inaccurate sources.† Send in the HIN# of your boat to help verify the production history.


 Lots of antidotal data on users groups about such subjects as ports, hatches, hatch rubber strips, cutlass bearings etc. but often no part #ís or sources.† Tell us what model and year boat your have and what part #ís you have purchase from where that fit it.† This includes also Yanmar engine spares.


 Boat Photos:† The collection is in good shape except for the W17, the W29 and the W32.


You may contact us by email: or

Through the Post Office:

Watkins Owners

4769 South County Road 200 East

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